Songwriting is a world I like to live in. The metaphors, imagery, the chord progressions, the opportunity to be unapologetically optimistic in what I’m feeling and saying — these aspects of writing all keep me mentally, emotionally, and spiritually healthy.”

— Kate Callahan, to Mike Chaiken (Plainville Observer)

About Kate Callahan


“An Optimistic & Uplifting Experience

To Soothe The Soul”

Singer-songwriters come and go, but Kate has risen out of life’s hardships to write her fourth album of courageously themed songs. This studio release brightens the ear with its pure melodies and Kate’s verve for writing uplifting songs despite the times. Callahan is here to stay—bold and optimistic—and TRIUMPH is her ticket!  Kate gives us a glimpse of what she appreciates in life, and tackles how to rise above life’s circumstances — her visionary soul alive in her lyrics. Kate and her team’s ultimate goal was to create a record that reflected her resiliency, tenderness and love of folk music. The result is TRIUMPH!

From the spring of 2016 through June 2018, Kate served Connecticut as its 16th State Troubadour. An advocate for the disempowered, Kate developed a pilot program called Miracle of Melody to help women inmates learn to use their voices for positive change in their lives. Kate is a staple in the Connecticut music scene, receiving awards like Woman of Character from the Hartford Courant, Best Songwriter in Connecticut at the CT Music Awards 2013, Artist of the Year from the Greater Hartford Arts Council, 2014, and Best Singer-Songwriter from the CT Now readers poll 2017. Noel Paul Stookey (Peter, Paul & Mary) says Kate’s songs are “Zen-like,” and the Boston Globe praises her saying, “Kate has garnered an appreciative audience with her easygoing vibe and inspirational, at times mystical lyrics.”

In addition to the release of TRIUMPH, Kate has entered the self-improvement movement with her CD of spoken affirmations (set to the instrumental tracks of her songs) called TRIUMPHANT YOU and a deck of affirmations cards titled the same.

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