If you dig the mix of gritty honesty and interwoven gorgeous harmonies of Shovels and Rope, then you are going to love The Lied To’s.”

— Red Line Roots


The Lied To's are Susan Levine and Doug Kwartler, two Massachusetts-based singer-songwriters who joined musical forces in 2014, released their self-titled debut cd at the legendary Club Passim in February 2015, and have been playing together ever since. Their second CD, The Lesser of Two Evils, released in May 2018, received universal praise for its gritty instrumentation, impeccable harmonies and honest songwriting.

Taking their name from the revered Everly Brothers song, "When Will I Be Loved," The Lied To's collaborate to put the challenges of relationships squarely under their musical microscope with a formidable blend of folk, rock and country-tinged music. 

Susan has been a finalist at the Kerrville Folk Festival, the Rocky Mountain Folks Fest, and the International Songwriting Competition, among others. She also was a Tri-Centric Showcase artist at the 2008 Northeast Regional Folk Alliance Conference (NERFA).  Columnist, Joel Brown, in an article for The Boston Globe noted that Susan has "Some of the wistful knowledge of Dolly Parton at her best." 

Doug has had his songs placed on television shows, including CSI , All My Children, The Young and The Restless, Dark Blue, and was an emerging artist at the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival.  Nick Noble, host of the "The Folk Revival" (WICN, Worcester, MA ) states, "Doug Kwartler brings to the 21st century the passion and perception of the great 20th century folk singers like Woody Guthrie and early Bob Dylan."  Doug is also a respected music producer who owns and runs Hollow Body Recording Studios in Chelmsford, MA.

Live Performance

Awards & Recognition

2018: The Lesser of Two Evils called, "One of the best contemporary folk CDs of 2018" by Nick Noble, host of THE FOLK REVIVAL on WICN (Worcester Public radio)

2018: The Lesser of Two Evils on International Folk DJ charts for 3 months (May through July)

2018: Track premier of "Millionaire" on Americana UK (June 25), who writes, "Wow.  Susan Levine’s vocals are just perfect on this song about how life, and family life in particular, can be so imperfect.  With Doug Kwartler backing her up beautifully a song unfolds that’s full of weary acceptance of the way life goes. "

2018: World premier of official video for "Cruel World" on the Rhythm & Roots show on Americana station DittyTV (May 8)

 2018: The Lesser of Two Evils premieres on Pop Matters (May 7)

 2018: "Cruel World" featured on Red Line Roots "Singled Out"

2018: World Premier of "Cruel World" on The Bluegrass Situation (April 2)

2018: World Premier of "Buffalo" on Americana UK, (March 26), who calls it the "...perfect travelling with no real destination song."

2018: World Premier of first single, "One String" on The Daily Country (March 15), who calls the album "...both contemporary and timeless."

2018: CD release for The Lesser of Two Evils sold out the legendary Club Passim in Cambridge, MA (February 17)

2018: The Lied To's tour the southern US and debut tracks from The Lesser of Two Evils in a full set to a sold out show at The Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, TN and Lucky Bird Media's Americana Fest concert in East Nashville.

2018: "The Lesser of Two Evils" Released 

2015: The Lied To's Album Chosen as Top 20 of the Year by Boston's Metronome Magazine

2015: Debut Album Landed In Top 100 on No Depression Reader's Poll

2015: Album Rose to #3 on the Roots Music Chart

2015: "The Lied To's" Self-titled Debut Album Released

2015: "Singer-Songwriters Susan Levine and Doug Kwartler Form Duo" (The Boston Globe)

2014: Newly formed, The Lied To's toured the southern US and debuted songs from their then upcoming album in a full set to a sold out crowd at The Bluebird Cafe, in Nashville, TN

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